HR Services

HR Services

Disciplinary Issue

A company’s Disciplinary Procedure can assist in creating a positive work environment and allow all employees to be treated equally and consistently. The employer can ensure that standards are maintained at an appropriate level through the effective use of the procedure. Employers must follow the procedure as failure to do so can lead to damage to their reputation and substantial financial awards having to be paid to employees. Where an employee is issued with a final written warning, HR support should be sought.

Where a decision is made and the decision is challenged, the Labour Court will look to see if the procedure was followed correctly. Where the process or procedure is flawed, any decision that flows from that flawed procedure is also flawed and ultimately unfair.

An Unfair Dismissal claim can result in up to two years wages in compensation for the employee.

Performance Management

This is an effective mechanism to maintain an appropriate standard of performance. A Performance Management program that is operated effectively will resolve any performance related issue. It will give the employee an opportunity to improve and where the employee fails to improve, action may be taken which will eliminate the problem effectively.

Bullying and Harassment

Where bullying and harassment is evident in the workplace, the employer has a duty of care to all employees. If an employee has been bullied or harassed and there was no effective way of dealing with the issue, or the procedure was not followed correctly, the employee who has suffered the bullying and harassment can now claim against the employer. If they leave, they could take a Constructive Dismissal claim against the employer. The Bullying and Harassment Procedure is very effective in dealing with very minor issues through to serious bullying, harassment or sexual harassment.

Absence Management

Where an employee has an issue regarding excess absence, it can have a detrimental effect on the operation of the business. A fair Absence Management procedure maintains an acceptable standard of attendance for all employees and resolves any absence issues effectively.

The HR Department

We provide HR Support Agreements that allow you to have the functionality of a HR department at your disposal but at a level of support that suits your type of business, the size of the business and the number of employees.

Our support agreements can include writing letters, providing telephone and email HR support right through to complete guidance in developing procedures such as Disciplinary, Performance Management, Bullying & Harassment and Absence Management. We can also customise Contracts of Employment and Procedures to best suit your business. In the event that an employee takes a claim to the Workplace Relation Commission or the Labour Court, we will prepare submissions and represent the business on the day.

We can tailor HR Support Agreements to suit all sizes and kinds of business.


Employment Law Support

The service we provide to larger companies depends on the internal HR support available.
Depending on the business, we can provide supports such as telephone, email, administration and representation to third party.

We provide support and can guide you through the process of dealing with areas such Bullying & Harassment, Absence Management, Disciplinary Procedures and Performance Management. We also help in dealing with industrial relation issues and negotiations with unions such as SIPTU, IMPACT, TEEU and PSEU.



HRS Consultants can provide recruitment services to companies.

The services that we provide can include attracting and sourcing candidates, screening initial candidate suitability, we can assist companies with their interviewing procedure and can carry out Psychometric Testing where needed. When the company has selected their chosen candidate we can assist with reference checking and Garda vetting.

Psychometric Testing

The Thomas Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) was developed by Dr Thomas Hendrickson in 1958. Thomas integrated the PPA into it’s product suite in 1981. Hendrickson based the PPA on a theory of human consciousness proposed by William Moulton Marston.

Marston’s theory states that actions based upon emotions are an individual’s biosocial response to supportive or hostile social environments. These actions determine how the individual interacts with the environment. The way in which the individual interacts with the environment takes four basic directions: tendencies to dominate, influence, submit and comply, which forms the acronym ‘DISC’. Marston published his book ‘Emotions of Normal People’ in 1928, which described his theory of human consciousness, more commonly known as the ‘DISC’ theory. His theory stemmed from two schools of thought – physiological and psychoanalytic.

Thomas Hendrickson developed the PPA based on Marston’s theory in 1958 as a self-report system for the workplace.

The PPA determines whether individuals see themselves as responding to workplace situations that they perceive to be favourable or hostile/challenging, and reveals whether their response patterns are active or passive; thus classifying the individual’s behavioural preferences in terms of four domains: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.

PPA is used for a variety of purposes: recruitment, retention, development, management, career guidance, benchmarking, appraisal and team analysis

In order to complete the PPA, individuals choose two trait adjectives from a block of four, one ‘most like’ and one ‘least like’ them. This process is repeated 24 times, giving 48 choices from a total of 96 words.

Terms of Employment & Procedures


By law you are required to have a written statement of the Terms & Conditions of Employment. Any employee may take a claim during their employment, or for up to six months after their employment, and get compensation under The Terms of Information Act. The Workplace Relation Commission have increased the power to deal with any breach of employment legislation and can prosecute the employer.


The Labour Court now hears all cases in relation to Employment Law Legislation. Procedures are vital to create and maintain an appropriate standard for the business. They also protect against claims from employees. Any decision made by an employer which did not follow proper procedure will leave the company exposed.

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